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Verethon for Telethon

Véréthon awaits you 10pm to 1 am morning for a day of action at the Telethon.

Various stands are presented 10h room beach holidays to 18h: Atelier floral, small flea market, games for children with town council youth, véroises sweets, clementines, mushrooms…

10h30: marche avec l’association Ver à Pied au départ de la salle des fêtes participation demandée 3€

11h30: bar opening oysters, selling complete patties and pancakes and cakes

14 h: Belote with the Friendship Club ( Saint-Exupéry Room)

16h : Chorale d’Arromanches (Salle de la plage)


Salle Saint-Exupery:

Dinner dance and singing with the orchestra at 19:30 Rémy ledru.

Meals on the theme of Paris : 20€ per person

Reservations for the meal before 30 November 2018 near Madame Mundubeltz to 06 89 65 19 58 or Bernard at Chometon 06 85 20 80 35


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