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Verethon for Telethon: courtesans ballads

On Friday 7 December

Verethon, Véroise an association whose aim is to raise funds for the Telethon, invites you to participate in the evening ” ballads courtesans”

“ballads courtesans”, these are dance enthusiasts, History and costume, that occur in periods clothing for all to enjoy.

They offer you traditional dances based on the retention time will be this time that of the Second Empire

They realize themselves in their costumes with the greatest respect for historical truth.

schedule: 20h30

Saint-Exupéry Room

2 place Byrd

Entrance by the Tourist Office

Free admission, participation in the hat at the Telethon

Mulled wine and cake offered by Verethon sold at the Telethon

Contact : Madame MUNDUBELTZ : 02 31 21 42 57

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