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Hunting society of Ver-sur-Mer, created 1921, is the oldest hunting company Calvados.
It is an association of owners, a low fee, allows hunters to Ver-sur-Mer, not providing land, hunt on those of society.
Elle a une superficie de 450 hectares environ, divided between lowland swamps.
Both habitats are diverse and game hunted are two kinds :
  • sedentary game (hare, Partridge, pheasants, rabbits, etc.) and
  • game migratory water (ducks, waders, etc.…)

Regarding sedentary species, many actions have and still can effectively keep the game on its territory as a large fixed reserve 60 has, regulation by hunting small game plan, agrainage the birds during the winter, the number of days voluntarily reduced hunting, destruction of harmful, etc.…).
Only hunting “ahead” is accepted with or without retriever. The actual hunting “en battue” is prohibited.

  • Address : 5 rue des Piliers
  • 14114 Ver-sur-Mer
  • Phone : 09 50 30 75 15
  • Email : chassever@free.fr

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