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The Manor Tits
The Manor TitsThe mansion Tits is known to have been owned by the family after the Revolution Vendes
This great seventeenth century mansion was then used as a boarding house. It was bought in 1947 by a local family, who still owns. A large park and the passage of Provence enhance its appeal. The building is on two levels, each comprising seven large openings. The main floor is the ground floor. It may be noted in the same street, and further, an eighteenth century house which is the habitat type laborers.

The Old Manor
The Old ManorThe old building is comprised of two buildings that were connected to a set that served as Mayor and child class. The southern part dates from the early sixteenth century, the other part is the second half of the sixteenth century.

Castle Farm
Castle FarmThe farm was named “gardens Bessin”. One of the buildings has a skylights date 1675. The property, marked on the south by the dovecote, Provence is bordered by flowing through a wash before crossing the road underpass. On the other side of the houses, a square garden maintained by high elevation contours stony vertical could have been the garden with rare plants which got its name from the farm.

The Lighthouse VER SUR MER
The Lighthouse VER SUR MERTo prevent dangerous vessels trimming rocks of Calvados was raised to VER SUR MER on Mount Fleury has a lighthouse 13 meters high and 42 meters.

It is part of the group Gatteville, See, la Hève, thereby aiding navigation. Automated, he can not visit.

In July 1927, he served landmark in America's crew for landing at Ver-sur-Mer. Lost in the fog, light lighthouse guided the.

The Admiral Byrd and his companions were thus able to realize the first airmail link between the United States and France.

Find their history and that of aviation pioneers, by visiting the Museum-America Goldbeach.

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