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Pony Club Normandy Nacre Cavaliers

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The Cavaliers Normandy Nacre

The association “Normandy Nacre Cavaliers” works all year in Ver-sur-Mer and offers you to practice riding safely, conviviality and simplicity.

Beginners or you can progress through the guidance of instructors and a suitable cavalry.

Courses all year round Wednesdays, Friday evenings and Saturdays or by appointment

Course every day during school holidays

The Pony Club is through the landing next to the tennis club.

Entries for the map

(-20% discount applied for Vérois)

Information : Linsale in Virginia 06 60 73 74 91

  • Portable : 06 60 73 74 91
  • Email : virginielinsale@gmail.com

  • Ver-sur-mer | https://www.versurmer.fr