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The Swamp

Fixed humid zone, the swamp of Ver-sur-Mer / Meuvaines present an all natural with a great ecological and landscape interest.
It is composed of various habitats of a wide variety.
It is located in an area classified Natura 2000.
À l’abri d’un cordon dunaire fragile, the swamp is home to many varieties of birds (marsh harrier, Bittern, breading plot…) and a strong botanical heritage (orchids, lagure, fluke…).
The marsh offers walkers the seasons, an ever-changing face.
This observation is ample space for nature lovers (photographers, botanists or single strollers) who will take the time to stop, listen or even look up to heaven to see it flying migratory birds.
The marsh is a fragile sensitive area, it is therefore necessary to respect : forbidden picking, banned bicycles…
For more information on this site : Calvados Coast

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