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The Townhall

Message from Mayor

Monsieur le Député, Monsieur le Conseiller Départemental Mesdames et Messieurs les Membres du Conseil municipal,

Mesdames et Messieurs les membres du C.M.J Mesdames et Messieurs les Membres du Centre Communal d’Action Sociale, Ladies and gentlemen,

Bienvenue à toutes et tous,

Mr de MOURGUES, Président de S.T.M, vous prie de l’excuser pour son absence, retenu par d’autres obligations.

As every year, je suis très heureux de vous accueillir pour ce moment chaleureux, convivial et gourmand avec toutefois, today, une émotion particulière, this one being the last of this parliamentary term.
During my first term, I had you expressed my commitment to this tradition.
My second term has only strengthened my conviction about the essential role of this meal that allows elders to keep a social link between them.
These are moments of joy but also of pain when some are gone.
I am pleased that you are always so many: 161 registered
This shows your attachment to this tradition that lets you find yourself around a good meal but also to meet new people.
This year, will be honored dean and the dean of our assembly: Ms. Gisèle BOHERE and M. DUBOSC Georges but also the person who passed the 90 years, the 5 that of 80 years and 8 that of 70 years: Vérois the show a beautiful life !
Many of you are involved in various ways in the lives of our shared experience and by putting part of their free time to the service of associations: It's a main quality for the vitality of our town.
Over time, the organization of this day has evolved:
In 2009, the C.C.A.S resumed its organization with the Friendship Club for animation.
In 2010, Given the success of this meal, it took effect a change of venue to accommodate more participants while meeting the safety standards.
And this year, the C.C.A.S took over the animation due to the dissolution of the club's Friendship.
It is a desire on my part, to entrust that body, the implementation of social policy of the municipality and in particular to take action against former.
In this context,  the operation " MONA LISA " establishment year, continued and axes are being studied to reach weave social links for those who are alone.
Firstly, One afternoon in songs to you the 4 December 2019 and a snack will be offered to close this relaxing.
Remember to register this animation is free.
The project of "Citizen participation" which will be presented 11 December 2019 should strengthen solidarity among people.
I invite you to participate in number.
likewise, adherence to contract "Mutual communal" proposed by AXA has offered the possibility of reducing the cost of your health expenses. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
The project Medical House under consideration for 2017 entering its concrete phase and I rejoice: This will allow to keep our two firms nurses whose current premises do not meet safety standards and I hope it will attract subsequently other professionals.
It is essential for our town propose a medical supply : wish that Vérois expressed in the survey conducted by the Mayor.
I stop here my remarks because I feel you looking forward to enjoy your day in perspective with a gourmet meal prepared by our caterer GRANSIRE, a stylish table decoration and animation assured the orchestra Jean DAUVIN: All the ingredients for success!
A thought for those who have difficulties, view dependency and loneliness. They will not be forgotten, a package will be distributed by our team.
Before concluding, I want to thank all the members of the Social Action Communal Center for their selfless commitment to service Vérois especially Mrs. Decotignie, City Councilor, for his investment and his help to track social issues.

I wish you an excellent meal and expresses the pleasure again that I have to be with you today.

With a little advance, Merry CHRISTMAS and best wishes for this New Year

                                                               Philippe ONILLON, Mayor



Useful Information

Contact City Hall

Mairie Secretaries : Ms. Lefevre and Gaulard

  • Lundi-Mardi-Vendredi de 9h15 à 12h15
  • Mercredi de 16h à 19h

Address: 4 Place Amiral Byrd

14114 Ver sur mer

Phone : 02 31 22 20 33 – Fax : 02 31 21 18 34
E-mail : commune.versurmer@wanadoo.fr


Elected to serve Vérois

1Deputy Mayor st : Jacqueline OTHER
2nd Deputy Mayor: Philippe bust
3nd Deputy Mayor: Marie-Christine DEHLINGER
4nd Deputy Mayor; Jean CHANAL
ADVISORS: Magali DESLOGES, Erik POINTILLART, Catherine DECOTIGNIE, Jean-Jacques VILGRAIN, David L HORSET, Ginette NOTTA, Nathalie Bullat, Francis ANNE, Miss Caroline, Jean-Noël DELAUNAY, Daniel DESCHAMPS, Valerie TANQUEREL, Cécile MACHUREY, Yves EIFLER

Holders : David L’Horset – Jacqueline André – Daniel DESCHAMPS
Substitute : Jean-Jacques Vilgrain – Catherine Decotignie – Cécile Machurey
Jacqueline André – Erik Pointillart, Jean-Jacques Vilgrain, Daniel Deschamps
David L’Horset, Philippe bust, Jacqueline André, Yves EIFLER
Jacqueline André, David L’Horset, Anne Francis, Yves EIFLER
Philippe bust, Jean Chanal, Jean-Noël Delaunay, Yves EIFLER
Marie-Christine Dehlinger, Ginette Notta, Nathalie Bullat, Caroline Lose, Jean-Noël Delaunay, Valerie Tanquerel , Cécile Machurey, Yves EIFLER et Catherine DECOTIGNIE
Appointment of representatives to the School Council
Catherine Decotignie, Nathalie Bullat, Caroline Lose, Marie-Christine Dehlinger, Valerie Tanquerel



Mayor: MARTIN Romane

the Assistants

1Deputy st: Emilia HARNOIS

2nd Assistant: Lalie ROPES

3nd Assistant: Leander MARIE

4nd Assistant: Angéline MARTIN



Contact person in a disaster

  • The Mayor : 06 78 71 05 27 or 02 31 10 12 20 (judgment.)
  • The Assistant 1 : 06 10 75 93 02
  • A Deputy : 06 84 48 51 03


The mayor or deputy take a permanently Wednesday 17 h 30 with 19 h and Saturday 10 h 12 h to respond to your requests and jot your comments.

Community Centre for Social Action

Continuously every working Tuesdays 10 h 12 h. Catherine Decotignie.
Phone : 02 31 22 20 33

Secours Catholique emergencies

In connection with the CCAS and social workers.

Useful information

Extract of the prefectural 21/10/2008
Article 6 :

All work (in addition to those defined in Article 13) such as DIY jobs or gardening made by individuals using tools or equipment likely to cause nuisance to neighbors because of their loudness, of vibration or repetitive nature, in any place whatsoever, in indoor or outdoor, on the public highway or private property, can not be made as :

  • 8 h 30 with 12 h et de 14 h 30 with 19 h 30 Monday to Friday.
  • 9 h 12 h et de 15 h 19 pm Saturday.
  • 9 h 12 pm on Sundays and holidays.

Article 8 :
The permanent or occasional use of all-terrain vehicles thermal engine (motorcycles, quads…) personally on private land must not disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood.

Article 9 :
Pet owners and keepers of animals, especially dogs, are required to take all necessary measures to avoid nuisance to neighbors, including the use of devices deter animals make noise repeatedly and untimely (dressage, collier anti-aboiement,…).


The new Linky meter

The deployment of Linky meters began on December 1 2015 Caen. From here 2021, 35 million meters will be replaced in France which 430 000 counters in the department. Nowadays, over 2000 Linky meters have already been installed.

The Linky meter is a new generation of electric meter. It can receive commands and send data without the intervention of a technician. All individual, professional and business is affected by the Linky meter replacement. Each person will receive a letter from ERDF 30 and 45 days before the date of installation. The paving company commissioned by ERDF inform the customer of its passage 25 days before that date.

Neither the Linky meter, nor its installation may be canceled. Individuals may be present on behalf of ERDF canvass for you at your home, by telephone, by mail or SMS. Refuse any payment, no service offer will be proposed at this facility by ERDF.

Need information ? On the advice of Linky ?

Visit www .erdf.fr / linky

Contact Hello to Linky 08000 54 659

Enter your zip code and you will be directed(and) ERDF to the home of Caen (from 8h to 17h from Monday to Friday, free call)


Emergency repairs

  • Saur water (France) : 02 14 37 40 09
  • Electricité N ° Azur : 08 10 33 30 14
  • France Telecom Fault : 1013
  • Antargaz young Réseau : 01 41 88 70 10 https://www.antargaz.fr

Emergency Numbers

  • SAMU : 15
  • Firefighters : Fixed 18 , Portable 112
  • Mounted : 17 or in Courseulles-sur-Mer : 02 31 29 55 20
  • Aid station (July, August) : 02 31 22 21 68
  • Centre Antipoison : 02 99 59 22 22
  • Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) : 02 33 52 72 13


Health :

  • CHU Caen : 02 31 06 31 06
  • CHG Bayeux : 02 31 51 51 51
  • Medical Office : 02 31 22 20 19
  • Pharmacy : Of. General Ailleret – 02 31 22 21 47


  • Ms. Langlais-Pivent and Mrs. Philippine : 02 31 92 25 45
  • Mme Saran : 02 31 21 10 04

The Listening Centre elder abuse ALMA Calvados 02 31 82 95 35

Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm.

Welfare :

  • Social worker in Bayeux 1 rue de Verdun : 02 31 51 38 00
  • MSA : Marie-Christine Geerts : 02 31 25 39 74
  • CPAM : 3646

Human Services : BSM : Ms. Dufour 02 31 77 02 03

Sophrologue : Isabelle Aeschimann-Patron : 06 62 58 22 00

Hotlines and other numbers :

  • SOS Abused Children : 119
  • Wireless Health Youth : 08 00 23 52 36
  • Drogue Info Service : 08 00 23 13 13
  • AIDS Info Service : 08 00 84 08 00
  • SOS Amitié : 02 31 44 89 89
  • Alcoholics Anonymous : 02 31 94 89 09

In any case your doctor or doctors on call can not be reached, a "Health Watch is available" by the 15.

Waste collection and information

TheComposting :

The Seroc offers composters (15 € for the model 300 litres, 25€ for the model 600 litres)
Communities (town, intercom, union) are there to provide the service, l'information, Council.

The recycling.

in yellow bags (collection of Tuesday morning): plastic packaging, alu, cardboard and paper (advertising, newspapers, journals,…).
These yellow bags are available at the town hall during opening hours and Saturday morning to hotlines elected.

For information on the rules and organization of waste collection, you can contact the community of communes Earth, Seulles et More to 02 31 77 72 76.

The landfills are accessible with keycard. (Information Seroc 02 31 51 69 60 ou www.seroc-bayeux.fr)

During the work of the place Winston Churchill containers “Papers, bottles” are installed at the entrance of the parking tennis



Community of Communes Seulles, Earth and sea

Collecting BULKY 2019

Thursday 7 November and Friday 8 November

Bulky out the 6 November

ATTENTION : we remind you that since the 15 November 2006, W3E European Directive came into force. Thereby, it is now forbidden to throw bulky :
 large household (freezers, refrigerators, fours, dishwasher…)
 computers, televisions, camcorders, stereo channels ...
 small appliances (irons, food processors, phones, game consoles…)
 lamps (tubes fluorescents, low energy lamps, LED lamps ...) except filament lamps.
Your dealer is obliged to take back old devices

A question ... a question ?
call : 02 31 77 72 77


REMINDER: electrical and electronic waste as well as the tires, paints and toxic waste (pesticides, cells, neon lights ....) are not collected with bulky. These can be deposited in waste.


Sale of green waste bags 7 € 50 25 bags

if you use non-biodegradable bags sold in garden,  the bag should remain as liftable manually collect .

  • – Thursday 18 April 2019, – Thursday 02 more 2019, – Thursday 16 more 2019, – Thursday 30 more 2019, – Thursday 13 June 2019,

    – Thursday 27 June 2019,

    – Thursday 11 July 2019,

    – Thursday 25 July 2019,

    – Thursday 08 August 2019,

    – Thursday 22 August 2019,

    – Thursday 05 September 2019,

    – Thursday 19 September 2019,

    – Thursday 03 October 2019,

    – Thursday 17 October 2019.

Déchetterie Creully information SEROC:Tel : 02 31 51 69 60
Address : ZI Sud activity – CREULLY.
To get to the dump, you should bring your map Seroc (1era of application or renewal to the town hall).
The summer schedule :   
Monday, Tuesday, jeudi a vendredi de 14 h. with 18 h.
mercredi a samedi the 9 h. with 12 h. and 14 h. with 18 h.

Winter hours: closure 17 h.
Household waste .
Monday : Garbage (black bags).
Tuesday : yellow bags.
Thursday morning(black bags) the 15 juin au 30 September
additional garbage collection.
Thank you out the only bags the night before.

For more information: S.T.M. 02 31 77 72 77

Correspondant Défense, Recensement militaire ou citoyen

All French youth who have reached the age of 16 years (girls and boys) must be spontaneously identify with the mayor of their home.
This formality is mandatory to attend competitions and public examinations (whose license) before the age of 25 years.

When ?
Young French birth must be enrolled between the day of their 16 years and the last day of the third month following the month of the anniversary.
Young became French between 16 and 25 years must be enrolled in the months following the acquisition of French nationality Date.
If the deadlines have passed, However, it is possible to rectify the situation until the age of 25 years following the same way as a traditional census.

who ?

If the young person is a minor, it can make the process itself or be represented by a parent
If major, he must approach alone.
Comment ?
In the census, must be present with identification (national identity card, passport or any other document proving the French nationality) and the family book.

Effects ?
Following the census, the mayor issue a certificate of census.
No duplicate will be issued. This certificate must be kept carefully.
In cas near or vol, it is possible to request a receipt at the office of national service you depend.

Why ?
The census allows the administration to convene for the young defense that carried the day and citizenship.
According to the census, it is necessary to inform the military authorities of any change in circumstances.
The census also allows automatic registration of young voters on its 18 years and his invitation to the citizenship ceremony (town hall each year)
If no census on time, you are irregularities.

For details, you can make an appointment at 02 31 22 20 33 with M. Chanal, Deputy Mayor and Defense Correspondent of the Municipality.

Useful Numbers

  • School : 02 31 21 33 90
  • Tourist Office and Library : 02 31 22 58 58
  • Post Office Ver-sur-Mer : Phone : 02 31 22 20 39
  • Subprefecture : 02 31 51 40 50
  • Prefecture : 02 31 30 64 00
  • Weather : 08 92 68 02 14
  • Pêche maritime : Ms. Gouault : 02 31 53 66 31

Information on tides










annual review of the sanitation system 2015


Redevelopment Plan Place Winston Churchill

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