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Inauguration Place Winston Churchill

The 28 More 2019, in the presence of Mr Sub Prefect, Madam Deputy of Mr Deputy, Mr Representative of the Region President, Mr. Departmental Advisor, Mr Representative of the President of S.T.M, Mr Representative of the Gendarmerie, Mayor of Crépon and the Mayor of Ste Croix Sea, Mayor proceeded to the opening of the new place Churchill.

"The redevelopment of this site was part of our programming work since 2014.

The first project developed 2018 did not work out : Indeed, its presentation is not possible to obtain grant from the DETR (Staffing Territories Rural Equipment).

Further study was conducted and the final project is a collegial reflection combining the Sub prefecture, Region, the Department and state services, taking into account the opinion of the Architecture Council, Urbanism and Environment and a Council Grounds.

Furthermore, erasing airline networks has been integrated in the work.


The will was to create a location sharing, friendliness with an opening to the sea, but also value range which landed allies across the Channel the 6 June 1944.

The financial aspect of this operation was certainly a concern, but the assistance provided by the various funders' state, Department Region "was valuable.

The progress of the work was carried out in good conditions and deadlines were met, which was not easy taking account of the allotted time between the decision and the deadline "

The mayor thanked the people for their patience during construction and was keen to stress the effectiveness of key players :

Ms. CLEMENCE as Project Manager

Ms. GUILLEMAN for monitoring the file under the Region

  1. LELANDAIS commitment to the ESDP
  3. MARTRAGNY for the quality of work

Ms. LAINE, Landscape architect


Ms. ANDRE, 1era Deputy Mayor, for site supervision

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