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History of Ver-sur-Mer

VER-SUR-MER is a village steeped in history.
The first traces of human presence in these places dates back to the prehistory.
The remains found on the beach which was then a forest (the Forest Quintefeuille) show the presence of men. Otherwise permanently constant presence of hunters and craftsmen that have been able to find tools.
A camp romain was certainly built on Mont Fleury. There Gallo-Roman tombs carved into the rock was discovered dating from the third century.
Thereafter, in the 7th century, the Legend of Saint Gerbold and other legends linked to it will bring a poetic testimony on the origin of the name Worm.

Closer to home in 1830, See COUNTA 1300 souls, living from agriculture and fishing, and number of daily Véroises improved by making bobbin lace. It was in the last two decades of the 19th century that created the Parisian seaside resort by building the first houses on the edge of the dune. The 4 August 1896 Common Ver won the right to operate “Bathroom blade” (which was to throw in the wave brutally patients by paying skilled swimmers).

The town officially became VER on MER 1903.

On July 1 1927 the whole of France had their eyes turned towards our village : indeed, Commander Richard Byrd and 3 his companions did ditch the & rsquo; plane America with 200 meters range. They had just finished the third crossing of the Atlantic by plane. What the fuck first airmail link between France and the United States.

Like all towns Norman , Ver-sur-Mer knew during the German Occupation 2nd World War. The 6 June 1944 after numerous bombings, landing held on Gold Beach.

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