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Day of marine and sea

This year the Sea Festival will be celebrated.

Thursday 15 August

Procession, decorated boats, sea ​​shanties, outdoor Mass…..

To register for the parade of decorated boats or help organize or to register for the meals you can contact Denis Dupont President of”marine Festival Association and the sea ” (AFMFM) to 06 75 42 34 98.

An appeal for donations was launched by the association to help finance.

  • 9h- from the Church of St. Martin, blessings boats.
  • 11h – Outdoor Mass Place Winston Churchill
  • 12h30 restoration possible on site( on reservations)
  • 16h ( according tide)from the virgin sea boats followed

Blessing of the Sea , Sea Launch sheaves for Mariners

Animation: sea ​​shanties and spiritual.

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