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The landing 1944

VER-SUR-MER knew during the German occupation 2n World War as attested by the numerous bunkers still visible today.

Gold Beach is one of 5 Landing Beaches of 6 June 1944 in Normandy. Between Asnelles and Ver-sur-Mer, 25 000 men (mainly British) it landed at D-Day at 7:35.

divided into 4 sectors (Item, Jig, King et How), Gold Beach on the objectives were largely achieved: the evening 6 June, British troops are well advanced in & rsquo; inland and formed a bridgehead 9 km wide and as deep.


Off Ver-sur-Mer (Gold Beach King), the cruiser HMS Orion opened fire on the battery Mont Fleury (4 122mm guns in casemate) which weaken the servants.

69ème brigade takes the battery Mont Fleury and the Marefontaine (4 100mm guns in casemate).

On the evening of 6 June, We count 413 soldiers killed, wounded and missing 25 000 men landed in the morning.

The village, on the other hand, included 451 residential houses which 165 were bombed and 167 partially destroyed.

Many steles bear witness to this painful phase of our history and honor the liberators and the civilian and military victims.

The museum America Gold Beach Town traces this period.

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