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Tales for all ages “Stars between words”

Tales of well-being for all ages



Corine Bianchi, storyteller offers “Stars between words”

A time to share parents and children together, a moment of listening, calm.

A relaxed breathing time.

sound tales accompanied by the Tibetan bowl, le gong, the shime, kalimba or psalterion

10h15-10h45:” The tree with stars” pour les 4-6 years accompanied by their parents

11h 11:30: “The 3 stars of Orion” pour les 7-9 years accompanied by their parents

11h45-12h15: “Moon flower”pour les 10-12 years accompanied by their parents


14h30-16h: Contes adult :

“Tarvaa and river tales” followed by “the legend of the human light” (tales of Mongolia) The watchmen and the sky” (gypsy tale) and Moonflower and Domestic Travel”

Tales followed by a time of sharing, relaxation and creation. meeting 1:30

Limited number of spaces

You can bring plaids and for your comfort.

Thank you to arrive 10 minutes before the schedule to have time to get comfortable.

Booking is recommended : animationversurmer@gmail.com

Place : Hall Beach holidays

place Winston Churchill

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