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Bicycle decorated for the contest 15 July

For the Fête du Village to be held on 15 July, un Decorated Bicycle Contest is organised!

Let your imagination and turn your old bicycle into art, funny, poetic or aesthetic, It's your turn! Everything is allowed.

Adult bikes or children are welcome.

And the rider can also take the opportunity to dress up in agreement with his bike ...

The bikes will parade in front of the jury at 16h and the awards ceremony will be at 16:30.

category Adults: 1is prix : A bike

children category : 1is prix: a scooter

Renseignements et inscriptions : Mrs. Veracx : 02 31 51 97 12

See you at 15:30 in the parking lot of the stadium 15 July.

Organized by the Animation Committee and the participation of the Association Ver future.

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