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The Association Syndicale Authorized defense against the Ver-sur-Mer – Meuvaines created and authorized by the Prefectoral 27 September 1961, is mainly governed by the provisions of Ordinance 2004-632 the 01/07/04, on trade union associations of owners.
The statuses
The Office
  • Gilles STEPHAN : President
  • Raymond MUNDUBELTZ : Treasurer
  • Dominique BEAUDOIN : Secretary
Son but : support, camaraderie among members, without any political action, Remember our fallen.
Annual Fee: 25 euros

Dates ceremonies :
  • Address : 43 street of the 8th Army
  • Phone : 02 31 22 22 60
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The activities of’ A.P.A.V. are directed primarily toward entertainment such as concerts, evenings, etc..
For the little ones, Competition sandcastles, the dates of the events are on the agenda of the village site, on the Bulletin
Go to Provence, River Ver which walks the sky of the earth to the sea.
Out there on the river
White floating islands
And go in the wind
And after the current…
Provence source

Association celebrating and organizing the festival of the sea.

Association "Day of marine and sea"

offer a Marian procession

to from the church to 21h.

  • Meet at 9:15 p.m. avenue Colonel Harper

Hall Beach

  • (
Religious Heritage Preservation, maintenance and development of the church St Martin value of Ver-sur-Mer, various events are held throughout the year….
The association is led by :
Denis Dupont, président , Alain Chevrier, treasurer
Contact: 06 75 42 34
Said part “urbanized ditch begins Valve River Street to the valve Paisty Green.
This area is faucardée late June / early July ; residents are required to support waste.
The second part of
  • Address : Place amiral Byrd
  • Phone : 06 51 55 31 51
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Our Association offers various events throughout the year.

A schedule is established and available on request.

We organize Lotos , Fellowships (clothing , toys , various collections) travel , Output.

New : afternoon … Read

A new team took over the office of the APEA to sustain the events for all to enjoy.






    • Audrey LANDRIAU: Co-présidente


    • Mélanie FOLTETE: Co-président


    • Anthony COTENTIN: Treasurer
    • Thomas LECLOUAREC: Vice trésorier

Les cours informatiques ont lieu le mercredi au Centre Saint-Exupéry de Septembre à Mai inclus.


Cinq animateurs bénévoles vous initient à la messagerie, au traitement de texte, au tableur, au traitement de l’image, du son et de la vidéoRead


Hunting society of Ver-sur-Mer, created 1921, is the oldest hunting company Calvados.
It is an association of owners,

Verethon a pour objet d’organiser, avec l’ Using its active members and associations of Ver sur Mer who wish, various events to raise funds to be, at the end of the year, reversés intégralement à l’AFM-Téléthon, deductions Read

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