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Sports associations

L’association A.S.L.A.M. (Support for Home and Leisure and Activity Palsy) is a lay association law 1901, created 2009 Three Master students in "Education through Sports and Physical Activities of Practice" from the

The association aims to preserve and defend the access to the sea, parking hitches adherents and the use of launching wedges for sports activities, nautical and marine recreation in compliance … Read

Established in 1962 by a team of passionate, the Nautical Club of Ver-sur-Mer, itself the goal to teach and promote the practice of Sailing.

Address : Beach boulevard
Phone : 02 31 21 96

Cette association a pour objet d’assurer une activité liée a une passion commune les majorettes/pompons, d’effectuer des entraînements afin de pouvoir participer à des manifestations, concours et championnat de France.

The event is open to young people from 4 years.… Read

Phone : 02 31 22 21 86 

The course : 2,50 € per person
Ability to plan for groups of more than 10 people

We are an association that allows football practice in our common.
The trainings are held at Stade Octave Potin , Tuesday and Thursday night at 19h.

Pour les plus jeunes de 5 à 18ans, the NGSV … Read

Regular practice of yoga can :
  • Find an ample breathing and natural
  • Unwind muscle tension
  • Increasing the concentration
  • Maintain and improve the functioning of the body
  • Stimulate the immune defense system
  • Relax
The practice of yoga


The Cavaliers Normandy Nacre

The association “Normandy Nacre Cavaliers” works all year in Ver-sur-Mer and offers you to practice riding safely, conviviality and simplicity.

Beginners or you can progress through the advice of … Read


Ideally located by the sea, Tennis Club of Ver-sur-Mer is distinguished from other Coast clubs, both for its infrastructure facilities in a wooded area that for its atmosphere … Read


Founded in 1949, the UNCMT is an association law 1901, secular, approved by the Ministries of Youth, Popular Education and Community Life and Tourism.
Adherent to JPA,
  • Address : 4 avenue du Parc St André
  • Phone :
  • Email : contact@uncmt.fr
  • Site web : www.uncmt.fr
  • Schedule : Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 12h and 13h to 17h30
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    • President : Beatrice Bourges - DI ROSA
    • Secretary : Françoise LEPAILLEUR
    • Treasurer : Marie-Ange BAZIN


Every Thursday evening, in the Saint-Exupéry room rhythms resonate, sometimes furious, music association ONE STEP DANCE VER (tango, step, false,

President : Mrs. Irene Fourray

Like walking !
We offer rides 10 kms of Ver and surroundings : sustained hikes or heritage…

We are at your disposal schedule all our outings.
  • Address : 4, place Amiral Byrd
  • Phone : 02 31 22 70 92
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The ambition of the Association Ver The Boardwalk is not to teach the theater but rather to gather in good humor around a common project, after a collective long-term job, offer you a relaxing and

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