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ASLAM (Support for Home and Leisure and Activity Palsy)

L’association A.S.L.A.M. (Support for Home and Leisure and Activity Palsy) is a lay association law 1901, created 2009 Three Master students in "Education through Sports and Physical Activities in Practice" from the industry STAPS (Technical Sciences of Physical Activities and Sports).

Its focus lies on coordination in EPS in primary schools as well as land-school time for students in the past.
The framework thus provides modified motor activities based on the principles of motor development and recreation. However, it also concerns the organization, the establishment and management of educational projects, sports and social.

Our goals :

-Socialization and development through the development of motor skills

-Awareness of self discovery and body

-The favoring of autonomy

-The approach of the concepts of respect, solidarity and community life (civic values)

The ASLAM organizes discovery Bessin through a treasure hunt. A day full of challenges, puzzles and walks through several cities Bessin.

BESSIN EXPRESS is organized by the association and held 2 times a year. Nombre de joueurs par équipe: 4 with 5 players.

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  • Email : aslam.normandie @ hotmail.fr
  • Site web : www.associationaslam.fr

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