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Associations of parents of students APEA

A new team took over the office of the APEA to sustain the events for all to enjoy.






    • Audrey LANDRIAU: Co-présidente


    • Mélanie FOLTETE: Co-président


    • Anthony COTENTIN: Treasurer
    • Thomas LECLOUAREC: Vice trésorier


    • Jennifer GORET : Secretary.
    • LAUNAY Frédéric : Vice secrétaire






The purpose of the APEA is to raise funds to finance projects and field trips designed by teachers, organizing events (carnival, event, Christmas show ...). For this, we always need good wishes to help us, do not hesitate to contact us if you feel like taking.


We remain available for further information.
  • Phone : /
  • Email : apeversurmer@gmail.com

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