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Authorized trade union organization of the swamp worm sea

Said part “urbanized ditch begins Valve River Street to the valve Paisty Green.
This area is faucardée late June / early July ; residents are required to support waste.
The second part of the gap “Part marsh” faucardée is late September / early October.
On this date, a second pass is made in the urbanization.

The members of the new Board are :
  • M. Jean-Hubert MONTE, director– M. Jean-Hugues beyond, Co-Director
  • The trustees : Mr. Jean CHAUVIN, Bertrand ROY, Pierre CALENGE,
  • Alternate Trustees : Messrs Frédéric AGOSTINIS, Alain BONET
  • Treasurer : M. RED, Perception of Courseulles
The association created in 1893 is to :
  • the weed cutting and dredging of the moat where it is possible and necessary,
  • valve maintenance,
  • the restoration of the outlet structure at sea.
You can download : HERE  the statuses, and its annexes (Plan the scope of the association) HERE.  

  • Address : Place amiral Byrd
  • 14114 Ver-sur-Mer
  • Phone : 06 51 55 31 51

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