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A.S.A defense against the Ver-sur-Mer sea-Meuvaines

The Association Syndicale Authorized defense against the Ver-sur-Mer – Meuvaines created and authorized by the Prefectoral 27 September 1961, is mainly governed by the provisions of Ordinance 2004-632 the 01/07/04, on trade union associations of owners.
The Articles of Association are available on the following link HERE

Purpose of the Association
The association aims to defense against the sea shore on the portion of the river located in Provence in the east of Ver-sur-Mer to the west edge of the town of Meuvaines, or 4.9 km of coastline, with 1.6 km in urban areas and 3.3 km on the marsh, classified ZNIEFF, especially:
– protect the dike
· ensure protection, maintenance and conservation of the natural dune is the only coastal defense in the part of the shore undefended by the dam masonry,
· to build the structures needed to promote coastal fattening.

Scope of the Association
The scope of the Association covers flood coastal areas for the purpose of serving the Association shore. The plan of the perimeter of the ASA can be found HERE
Governance Association
The General Meeting of Members shall be convened at a minimum once a year in July / August..
The Association is managed by a Union, composed of nine trustees elected at the General Assembly and two trustees representing municipalities in Ver-sur-Mer and Meuvaines.
The Union shall elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman from among the elected trustees AG.
President : Bertrand Roy - Vice President : Jacques Langlais
Treasurer : Mr. Rossi, receiver Courseulles - Secretary : Mme Catherine Harmant.

Members of law : P. Onillon, Mayor of Ver sur Mer M.Y of Joybert, Mayor Meuvaines.

trustee : M. Jean-François COLLARD, M. Edouard DUVAL , M. Dominique GIOT, Claire JEGOU , Sylvie THENAULT, M. Jean-Alain ARROW, M. Hervé RONCO.

Resources Association

The resources of the Association come from :
  • Contributions from owners of parcels included in the scope of the Association. These contributions are in arrears as at January 1 of each calendar year of the respective parcels.
  • Grants common Ver sur Mer and Meuvaines
  • Grants from local authorities, state and EU funds.

You can download :
  • Statutes : compliance, HERE
  • and its annexes :
  • General terms the scope of the association) HERE
  • Partial Plan 1 LA
  • Partial Plan 2 LA
  • concession agreement DDTM HERE
Project plan work (à ramen the 20 years 10 years based on advanced administrative) provided on the entire perimeter of the SAA.HERE
You can also consult the minutes of the General Meeting 5 August 2015 shown against (section PDF download).

Attention members :
As part of the dematerialization of exchanges and communications, please provide your email address (e-mail).

You will be able, If you wish to receive information on the damage that occurs after storms and high tides, and the completion of the ongoing work and future, reconstructions of the projects of "Epis wood protection".

The next General Assembly 2019 will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday 3 August 2019 the beach room Ver-sur-Mer .

You can contact your email address : defensemer14114@gmail.com


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