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Plaisance Association and Water Sports in Ver sur mer

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The association aims to preserve and defend the access to the sea, parking hitches adherents and the use of launching wedges for sports activities, nautical and marine recreation in the rules defined jointly with the competent authorities (DDTM and town of Ver-sur-Mer).

Source proposals, the APLNV part in various meetings and consultations on the use of launching wedges and use of maritime public domain as part of its activities.

boaters, kayakers, browsers, fishermen, kitesurfeurs, skateboarders, drivers…

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  • Chairman Jean-François COLLARD
  • Vice President Gael FICHET
  • Secretary Jean-Pierre VIGNOL
  • Treasurer Jacques LANGLAIS

APLNV aplnv14@gmail.com

  • Address : 6 impasse du corps de garde
  • 14114 Ver-sur-Mer
  • Phone : 06 08 31 45 86
  • Email : aplnv14@gmail.com

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