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Normandie Yoga

Regular practice of yoga can :
  • Find an ample breathing and natural
  • Unwind muscle tension
  • Increasing the concentration
  • Maintain and improve the functioning of the body
  • Stimulate the immune defense system
  • Relax
The practice of yoga consists of alternating movements of contraction, stretching and muscle relaxation realized in harmony with the breathing.
A time of deep relaxation can be aware of her body more broadly. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to be flexible to practice yoga.

Your teacher :
Very experienced teacher, graduate of the French Federation of Hatha Yoga and Shiatsu French federation.
Extensive teaching experience with diverse audiences (all public, elderly, pregnant women, Prospective students yoga teachers, adolescents, people with psychological difficulties ...), which adapts to the characteristics of the sessions participants and provide a safe practice.

In practice :
Cours Yoga Doux : Tuesday 18h (1h)
This course is intended for all those who need a practice very gentle but effective: Senior, pregnant and post-partum women, people with physical challenges (pain, sciatica, Overweight, etc ....).
Course Location : Saint-Exupéry Centre (input by the Mill Street).

Cours Yoga : Tuesday 7:15 p.m. (1h)
This course is for beginners people as those who have already practiced yoga.
Course Location : Saint-Exupéry Centre (input by the Mill Street).

Cours Yoga : Wednesday 9:15 (1h)
Morning, the body is less flexible. The practice is particularly focused on the restoration joint and muscle their way to start the day.
All levels.
Course Location : Saint-Exupéry Centre (input by the Mill Street).


  • Annual contribution to the Normandy Yoga Association : 9€
  • For a weekly session : 160 € for the year or 60 € for the quarter
  • Of 2 weekly sessions : 240€ for the year
  • Pour les participants occasionnels, la participation est de 10€/la séance.
Registration possible throughout the year depending on availability
For more information :
Carole Servais: 06 86 16 11 13
Classes are not held during school holidays and are not refundable in case of absence from school. You can start at any time of year (adapté rates).

Classes resume on 3 September 2019

  • Portable : 06 86 16 11 13

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