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Rim Association Basin provence

Go to Provence, River Ver which walks the sky of the earth to the sea.
Out there on the river
White floating islands
And go in the wind
And after the current…
Provence source of inspiration.
La Provence source of discovery.
Provence source association .
Discover "La Provence" and the properties bordering this treasure of nature where born and develop fauna and flora. Throughout its course, laundries, mills, basins, and other technical works reflect our human activity from yesterday and today.
This peaceful river in a few minutes can transform and become threatening for residents and disrupt traffic, or make it unsafe. Floods in recent years have unfortunately highlighted the usefulness of its cleaning and maintenance.
Creates 1983 after floods 1982 and 1983, Association of Residents of the Provence Basin's main objective is to offer residents the members cleaning and maintenance of banks of Provence and his arm "bar".

To meet this need, and legal obligation of its dissection, the association of residents Basin Provence offers its members to perform the construction work and maintenance by Bessin INSERT and receive financial assistance and Calvados GENERAL COUNCIL OF AGENCY OF THE .

Walkers or residents, Provence is valuable to all, but it is together that we are most effective of : respect for the environment, reduce the risk of flooding, and perform the necessary maintenance work at the best price.
President : M. Michel DELARRE : 02 31 22 26 19
Vice President : M. Jean-Jacques VILGRAIN
Treasurer : Mme BRETON Marie Madeleine
Treasurer- Assistant : M. René LEVIEUX
Secretary : M. Jean-Pierre BOURRY (jpbourry@wanadoo.fr)

  • Address : 29 rue de la Libération
  • 14114 Ver-sur-Mer
  • Phone :
  • Email : jpbourry@wanadoo.fr

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