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The lives of our artists

Artists, they are by definition, it means they need you.

Make them work ! 

Their works are always original gifts (paintings, sculptures, Furniture) for everyone, all prices… 
Artists of Ver-sur-Mer
AMAR Jean-Noël, 17 Alley Gulls : watercolourist
Bensoussan Janine, 50 Street of the 8th Army : Painter
BOURDAIS-BULLAT Julie : Painter-designer Blog: http:// julie-bourdais.tumblr.com
Bures Jocelyne, 14 Alley Poppies : Painter website: http://joceburesi.monsite-orange.fr
Bust Gisèle 10 Moulin impasse: painter
8 Alley Curlew : Painter
Christiane CHAMARD, 13 Avenue 6 June : watercolourist
Dominique DELABIE, 4 Rue de la Piquetterie : Sculptor (stone) 
Delaunay Jean-Noël, 2, Alley Cormorants : model maker
Liliane DESVALLEES, 7 Théophile Dumangin Street: painter
Entenmann Gaby and Walter
1 Avenue of Daffodils
Merel Geneviève, 14 Rue Henri Jaquot : Painter
HALLOT Pierre, 6 Rue du Moulin : Stained Glass
HALLOT Jacqueline, 6 Rue du Moulin : Painter Painting on Silk
KINN Jean-Pierre 12 Moulin impasse : marine painter
, 15 Rue Henry Jaquot : Painter
Position – Street 8th Army
LAMOUREUX Laurent, 3 Rue du Bout Grin : Sculptor (Leather and fabric), Painter – costume
Site internet : http://irkoum.over-blog.com – Email: irkom@free.fr
Liliane LEBLAY 6 alley of Poppies dried seaweed Composition
, Alley Daffodils : Toumeur wood – ivory – the
Françoise PAZZIANI 3 Théophile Dumangin Street : painter
Elisabeth PRAQUIN
, 19 route d’Asnelles – porcelain painting
GLASS Marie Claude, 6 Alley Short Tiles : Pastels
XAVIER Anita, 13 Paviljoenstraat : Painter

the list is open to all amateur artists or recognized

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