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Events in Ver-sur-Mer

RDV at 11:00 Paisty Green (at the corner of the Way of 50ème Infantry Division and the Way Landing) Memorial at the Green Howards.

Following, a ceremony at the Green Howards Memorial is Crépon … Read

BOTA-YOGA Sunday 4 June 2017 from 9.30 to 16.30

A day to practice yoga and to connect to his true nature, coupled with botanical walks in the heart of the marshes of Ver-sur-Mer.
A day to take time … Read

at 9:00 am :

Ceremony at the memorial of “4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards” and before that of “5th Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment”.

RDV Place Winston Churchill


9:45 am :

Ceremony at Memorial “2Read

The tennis club of Ver organizes its International Night!

Rens 02 31 22 21 86… Read

Meet at 14:00 for a bowling seaside organized by the Future Ver.

Rens: Ver l’Avenir 02 31 51 97 12 colette.veracx@orange.frRead

Other news

The town of Belleme bears his candidacy for the show "The favorite French village», which airs on Tuesday 13 June 2017 on France 2.

The vote will take place on 13 June, let many to support this great initiative!… Read

Jean-Pierre Dupont presents America Gold Beach museum in the Spanish press, through souvenirs and educational panels.

Enable French captioning by clicking at the bottom right of the screen.… Read


« Éditée le 29 more 1944, cette carte, dite mosaïque, donne des informations importantes sur le profil des plages et la nature des sols, juste avant l’assaut des troupes sur le secteur de Gold Beach, présente Jean-Pierre Dupont, curator … Read

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